Overview of 2008

1. Purpose of document

The objective of this document is to provide a summary of the purpose of the Building Hope Foundation, the accomplishments of the eleven months ending February 28, 2009 and the forecast of the medium-term to short-term future.

2. Purpose of Foundation

Building Hope Foundation is a not-for-profit organization legally registered under Section 21 of the South African Companies Act. The registered purpose of the Foundation is:

“The provision and distribution of HIV/AIDS prevention educational material and the promotion and practice of the Christian Faith.”

The Companies Act requires a Section 21 organisation with these structures:

Seven (7) members at least two of the members acting as directors. Currently, the Foundation has eight (8) members and three (3) directors. The three (3) directors make up the board of directors and the remaining five (5) members constitute the advisory board.

Hannes and Elzaan de Villiers, are the founding members, and have been distributing EvangeCubes for over four (4) years. During this time more than 20,000 EvangeCubes have been provided to small and large ministries equipping short term outreach teams, individuals, churches and more to simply share the Gospel.

3. Activities of the Foundation

Building Hope Foundation has been created to:

  1. Raise funds
  2. Purchase evangelism tools for harvesters, using the EvangeCube.
  3. Purchase tools for teaching HIV/AIDS education and awareness, unto prevention, using the HIV/AIDS Cube.
  4. Equip ministries, organizations and local communities with these tools to share the Gospel in their communities. Most of the time, these organisations or communities do not have the funds to purchase the cubes.
  5. We provide training in the use of the cubes in order to ensure that cubes are used optimally and effectively.
  6. We require partners who receive such cubes to provide structured feedback within a particular time frame, depending on project dates or partner initiatives.
  7. We also arrange outreaches to several areas where we are either invited to, or identify the need within a particular area.
  8. The Foundation board has also become actively involved in ground level activities when led as such by the Holy Spirit, (doing hands on training and outreach).

An accountability system is in place through which organizations apply for cubes (apply to be registered as a “Distribution partner”). When the application is approved, cubes will be allocated as funds become available. Regular feedback is required from all distribution partners. And spot checks are made to “Distribution partners.”

Depending on various community environments, the Foundation may gain access to a community via-the HIV/AIDS Cube and when God opens the door, the Gospel is shared using the EvangeCube. Example, public school systems, secular businesses, World AIDS Day.

4. Accomplishments of the eleven (11) months ending: February 28, 2009

During this period, a total number of 544 EvangeCubes and 84 HIV/AIDS Cubes were distributed to 12 organizations/ministries. The majority of the cubes were distributed in South Africa. However, some of the cubes were donated to Bible Schools and ministries in Southern Africa.
From the data we received, we have a total number of at least 11 340 made professions of faith in connection with the direct ministry of the organizations we support.


Organization: ECLA (Ekurhuleni Christian Leaders Assembly)

  1. Location: Ekurhuleni, South Africa (East of Johannesburg).
  2. Action: Leadership training, evangelism and discipleship
  3. Statistics: 8940 proffessions of faith. Each followed up with 18 month discipleship and integrated into 240 local churches. The EvangeCube plays a key role in the total approach.
  4. Note: We do not know how many people were reached in this project as only actual conversions that were followed up with discipleship are counted. The projection is however approximately 18,000 people reached. It is clear from the above, that we place a high value on accountability. As you can see we take “counting heads” very seriously and will under-estimate and lean on the data collected for accurate counting and verifiability.

Organisation: Judea Harvest(www.judeaharvest.info)

  1. Location: Countrywide (mostly South Africa)
  2. Action: Church Planting, leadership training and evangelism
  3. Statistics: 2400 professions of faith since October 2008.
  4. Note: These conversions are directly related to the use of the EvangeCube and EvangeCards. Judea Harvest donates a marquee tent for each new “church”. Judea Harvest now has more than 1400 of these tent churches.

Organisation: Evangelical Reformed Church Secunda – Youth Outreach Project(Evangelies Gereformeerde Kerk)

  1. Location: Secunda and Vryheid, Mpumalanga Province
  2. Action: Evangelism
  3. Statistics: 1500 children reached with the Gospel through the use of 24 Evangecubes in the Secunda and Vryheid Area
  4. Note: The project focuses on school going children

Organization: Barberton Bible School

  1. Location: Mpumalanga Province
  2. Action: Pastor and Leadership training
  3. Statistics: 80 leaders trained in the use of Evangecube and challenged to actively share the Gospel.
  4. Notes: The majority of the students trained came from African countries other than South Africa.

The insert of the EvangeCube has been translated into the following South African languages:

  1. Zulu
  2. Xhosa
  3. South Sotho
  4. Tswana



  • Organisation: Building Hope Foundation (outreaches by founder members)
    1. Location: Country Wide
  • 2 Action: Evangelism, Prayer and HIV and AIDS Training


  1. 8 Professional People in Pretoria were trained in the use of the HIV/AIDS Cube
  2. 40 Community and Youth Leaders of Mvezo, the home village of Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, were trained in the use of the cube during World Aids Day on 1 December 2008. (Chief Mandla Mandela and Hannes de Villiers on the right) They committed to share the cubes in their villages.
  3. 10 People were trained in the use of the cube in Ga-Rankuwa during a short term outreach to Pastor Jacques Mbiya.
  4. 70 Church members were reached with information on HIV and AIDS during a short term outreach in Ga-Rankuwa.
  5. 15 Staff members of Li-Cell, a manufacturing company in Pretoria, were trained in the use of the cube. This company received 5 cubes which they rotate amongst staff.
  6. 1 Professional Nurse, who works in a provincial state clinic in Danville (Gauteng Province), use a Big HIV Cube on a weekly basis to share knowledge of HIV and AIDS to pregnant mothers who wait for their doctors appointments. She also uses a small HIV/AIDS Cube during HIV Pre-Test Counselling. She reaches more than 200 patients per week.

We had the insert of the HIV/AIDS Cube translated in the following South African languages:

  • Zulu
  • Xhosa
  • Tswana
  • Afrikaans
  • Sepedi

5. Finances

The income of the Foundation for the period was R94 000 (around $9 400). 2% of the income was used as set-up cost, 12% as administration cost and 86% for projects. The Founder Members do not receive any salaries from the Foundation.


6. Short term forecast

We currently have organizations and ministries who registered a need of 20 000 Evangecubes and about 25 000 HIV/AIDS Cubes. With the current Rand/Dollar exchange rate, we will need about R3.3m to help these organizations.

The Foundation will therefore need to focus on fundraising, training and relationship building in the next 12 months.

Some of the First Quarter events:

  1. 27 March – train 40 home-based care staff of Project Positive Ray, a partner of SIM in Port Shepstone.
  2. 29 March – presentation to church leaders in Nottingham Road – a town in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands.
  3. 16 April – discussions with Foundation for Professional Development and Department of Education in regards to the implementation of the HIV/AIDS Cube in Gauteng North.
  4. 9-17 May – Missions week in Brits, a farming community about 120 km from Pretoria. We will train the whole congregation in the use of both cubes and an outreach into the farming community will be conducted on 16 May.


7. Medium term forecast

The Ultimate Goal – South African Churches outreach initiative preparing for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. (www.theultimategoal.co.za / www.spmsa.com ) The major event that we have to plan for is the FIFA World Cup Soccer that will be held in June 2010 in South Africa. The Foundation is involved in The Ultimate Goal (TUG), the organization who will organize all Christian events during the event. Hannes is currently on the Steering Committee for TUG for Tshwane (Pretoria). Based on the previous world cup, it is anticipated that about 2 000 000 people will attend the Christian events during the tournament.

The EvangeCube and the HIV/AIDs Cubes have been submitted for approval at the national committee of TUG. Only approved resources may be used during the period of the tournament.

If approved, the packaging of the cubes has to be changed to the branding of The Ultimate Goal. Because of the manufacturers requirements, about R750 000 ($75 000) will be needed for 10 000 EvangeCube’s and the same amount for 10 000 HIV/AIDS Cubes.

South Africa – Turn to God. On 14 March 2009, the national initiative: “South Africa – turn back to God” (www.turn2god.co.za) was launched. We are currently investigating how best to support this initiative with relevant tools such as the EvangeCube.

8. Conclusion

First of all, we want to confirm that all the glory for everything that is done by Building hope Foundation belongs to God alone. We thank Him for all the resources, relations and the privilege to see some of the fruit on His work.

We also thank God for the resources that He is going to provide for the short to medium term and again, all the glory to God the Farther, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

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