Hogsback Evangelism Training

We connected with Jeannette Harbottle through a book written by Basilea Schlink, for which she is the distributor in South Africa.

Being in Hogsback for HIV Training, we were also granted the opportunity to provide Evangelism training to home based care workers and other volunteers from the Eastern Cape.

The afternoon session Hannes trained the group in the use of the EvangeCube.  We first started the session off with prayer. After this prayer, one of the attendees told Hannes that 20years ago, she had a vision of a white man standing in front of a group sharing and a lady closing the curtains behind him.  This is exactly what Elzaan did as the light behind Hannes was too sharp and she closed it, before the group started praying. During the prayer time, another lady Mimi, experienced the curtains being opened and a bright light shining through.  Once we started with the first panel of the EvangeCube we noticed it was the same light as on the first panel of the cube that represents God.

The group role-played this information and once the full presentation and workshop was over, the group remained seated.  We reminded the group that they may leave the room.  Bukelwa noted that they were still processing and Jeannette noted that there was a Holy presence and the group wanted to remain in God’s presence.  This was most unusual as in all our previous training sessions; groups immediately adjourn to travel home.

We had a blessed time with the Harbottle family and were severely blessed with their generosity and hospitality. They felt just like family and we learnt so much from their faith, their burdens and the life in Hogsback.  We are still keeping touch to this day.

The Lord alone, receives all the glory and honour.  We hope to return to Hogsback and serve this community again.  (we already looked at how much land costs in this beautiful mountainous area! )

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