Entrusting a teenager to share the Gospel – Upington

The first family looked at us in unbelief…this was the reaction of a family when we started sharing the Gospel, using the EvangeCube, with them. We joined an outreach group from Eersterust to share the love of Christ in a “squatter camp”, called Roseville, in Upington. We also had the priviledge to train a group of local men and women in HIV using the HIV/AIDS Cube and HIV iPosters. The outreach consisted of morning house-to-house evangelism and the afternoons were filled with children’s ministry activities and prayer. We also had discussions with the North Cape Coordinator of Kohin, a ministry working with high school teenagers and look forward to a long term relationships with them.

In this community poverty, unemployment, drunkenness, domestic violence and especially sexual crimes are at the order of the day. Amidst these conditions, we were priviledged to pray with a young father who has decided to turn his back on alcohol through a vision the Lord gave him, without knowing the Lord or knowing his identity in Christ. He and his family recommited their lives to Christ.

A group of 15 teenage boys were playing street soccer and when we shared the Gospel with them, all 15 accepted Christ into their heart. We also shared HIV information with them and then equipped them with an EvangeBall to now share the Gospel with others in the street – they immediately took ownership and I sensed that no-one has ever entrusted them to share the Gospel with others.

A “not so drunk” man invited us into his house and offered us cold drink – I thought at that moment that this man offers us so much when he has so little. It was such a humbling experience.

A breakthrough, was when the wife of the first family we visited, brought her children to the Children’s Ministry activities on Tuesday afternoon.  The little toddler on her lap was ecstatic with joy as we sang and danced.  Her son just loved his mom being there.  What a special sight to remember.

We learned so much from each person we talked to, those who invited us in their small houses and the challenging conditions in which people live.

It was also the first outreach to an Afrikaans community, being Afrikaans speaking ourselves. Our children joined us as we walked from house to house and enjoyed the exposure, making new friends. A little boy, with a heart-warming smile, soon made Zak his best friend and they played as if they have been friends their whole life for the two days we were part of the team.

All the glory and honour to God for this outreach.

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