The sun rises over the Mgungu Community

Crusade for Christ invited Building Hope Foundation to conduct a joint outreach to a village near Libode in the Transkei.


We partnered with Crusade for Christ for the first time in 2011 when we trained a group of pastors with the focus on evangelism and HIV using the EvangeCube and HIV/AIDS Cube.  This partnership grew with an outreach in February this year to the Mgungu community with Shawn Duma.

The outreach was held from Friday 6 July – 8 July 2012.  The team who participated was Shawn & Meme Duma from Crusade for Christ, Hannes de Villiers from Building Hope Foundation and Derek Pau from the United States. 

We received generous donations for 40 brand new quality double and single blankets, Bibles and winter clothing from different families in Pretoria.  These were all intended for impoverished households of this community. 

Partnership for sustainability

Leaving on Friday morning from Port Shepstone, the team headed for Libode, approximately 5 hours travel into the mountains of the former Transkei, beautifull Eastern Cape.

They partnered with a local church, with whom Crusade for Christ has been building a relationship.  This partnership will ensure that there will be follow-up of any resources or programmes that were introduced to the congregation members. 

Outreach Activities

Shawn Duma preached on Friday night at the local community church and Saturday started with devotions and a Bible Study programme lead by Derek Pau. 


Arm weduwee met haar kombers

Arm weduwee met haar kombers

Hannes, Shawn and the pastor then left to visit specific households that were identified beforehand, which have been severely affected by poverty and unemployment 

Each of these households received blankets and the team prayed for and encouraged the families.  The team felt that these blankets came just in time as a freezing cold front was moving into the region and brought with it rain in certain areas. 

Hannes said that one particular widow really touched their hearts.  She sleeps in a one roomed house with one bed, a tv in one corner and a few kitchen utensils in another corner.  She is living alone without any relatives.  She was overwhelmed with gratitude for the blanket. 

EvangeCube and HIV/AIDS Cube Training

Hannes then provided Evangelism and HIV Training to approximately 40 congregation members, using the HIV/AIDS Cube and EvangeCube.  Those who did not have bibles were also given a full Xhosa Bible.

Shawn Duma from CfC  translated all training and ministry messages into Xhosa.

Valuable for Jesus – Children

Hannes lead the service on Saturday evening and was surprised when a visiting group from the Western Cape heard about the outreach team and came to visit. 

As part of the service, children received a special message using the Valuable to Jesus dolls.  Each child received a  hand knitted doll,  as a reminder how valuable they are and that God had made them by hand.  Hannes noted that because of the sharp decrease in temperatures fewer children than expected, came to listen.

Challenges on Sundays

The number of funerals have increased to such an extent that the local chief has said that no church is allowed to have a service on a Sunday if there are  funerals in the community.  This creates several challenges to the local churches to accommodate the funeral services on Sundays.  In some cases “ordinary” services are held on Saturdays if necessary.   The upside however is that more people are now attending the funeral services, providing an opportunity to share a message of salvation and hope.

On Sunday morning, there was a funeral service and Hannes was asked to give a message of encouragement  to the family and the community who attended the funeral service, before returning home.

Mission4 Transkei will return in February 2013 to a different area in the Transkei, sharing the Gospel and being the hands and feet of Christ.  Would you like to join?

Thank you thank you thank you!

We are very gratefull and all the honour and glory belongs to the Lord for providing this community with the resources and the ability for us to be His hands and feet.  Families who repaired knitted dolls, donated clothes, blankets and Bibles were instruments in God’s hand.  Thank you for your generosity.

2 Cor 9:11 – You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God (NIV)

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