Sterkspruit Christian Church – Evangelism training

Sterkspruit Christian Church invited several believers from all over the Eastern Cape, including places like Lusikisiki, Port St. Johns and Port Shepstone to join in sharing the Gospel through a focused outreach from 3-6 October 2012. They needed assistance and had one EvangeCube. Our relationship with them followed from a series of phone calls and emails.

Sterkspruit is approximately 3 hours drive from Growing Nations in Lesotho, crossing the border at Alwyns Kop over the Tele river into South Africa.

We expected a small town but were completely surprised by its size. According to Ps Methuse, there are 75 villages lying outside of Sterkspruit who are all served by the town.

“First we will have some tea”

Upon our arrival and ready to offload the training material, Ps Methuse said: “First we will have some tea”. As we entered the church, they had set a beautifull table, prepared breakfast and had us seated at the top of the table, like guests of honour. This act of kindness & hospitality made us feel very humble.

During tea, Ps Methuse share the miraculous journey of the existence and location of the church in town and her own from being a teacher to Pastor. This lady pastor is a testimony of grace, tenacity, has a committed faith and deep love for the Lord.

Hands of the Harvest

On 2 October, Building Hope Foundation equipped 35 believers each with an EvangeCube and training manual.
Again we added role-play and ending with full demonstrations by volunteers in the group. Everyone was invited to provide comments and input to the demonstrations. The enthusiastic response and great number of comments lead to several discussions on how to share the gospel in different settings. .

As Hannes trained the group, the commitment to be a beacon of hope in their community became very clear.
The church received a marquee tent to be used free of charge, in the different villages for the different days. Each day of the outreach consisted of a time of worship, sermons and door-to-door evangelism.

We received this SMS on the evening after the training:

“People who gave their lives to God last night were more than 60. All the glory and honour go to God. He has opened a door no one can shut. Keep on praying 4 us.”

We are in constant contact with Ps Methuse and, when visiting Lesotho or visa-versa, we hope to visit this community in 2013 again. Please pray for the Sterkspruit Christian Church.

Thank you

We want to sincerely thank every Building Hope  Foundation supporter and those who support us as a family.  We will not be able to equip and enable believers to share the Gospel or information on HIV and AIDS without your support.  The Glory and Honour belongs to God alone.

The school holidays allowed us to take our children with us.  They shared in the experiences, the people we met and the adventures of being on a journey with Christ.

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