Three Schools, Accepting Christ and the Wheelchair

Ons het oor die verloop van ongeveer drie jaar, ‘n goeie vennootskap met Crusade for Christ opgebou, en het weer in Januarie met hulle hande gevat om beide die Evangelie sowel as MIV bewusmaking aan skole in die voormalige Transkei te bied.

Bibles for Grade Seven and Eight’s

Shawn S’te Duma from Crusade for Christ started arranging this outreach since 2012 and confirmed the dates for 30 January – 2 February.  The principals from three schools in the Bizana and Izingolweni region had opened the door for CFC to provide Bibles to grade 7 and 8 scholars.  This forms part of a programme that is currently running and supports pastors who are already working in these schools.

On 31 January, Leon Pheiffer and Hannes de Villiers picked up two team members from CFC and with approximately 370 Bibles packed, and another 80 already at its destination, they arrived at the first school, Qhinqha, whose very clear message “No Weapons, No Drugs” on the school wall, was a warm welcome.  The Bibles were provided to CFC by the Bible Society of SA.

In total 450 Bibles were distributed amongst the three schools, Qhinqa High School, Zamilizwe JP School and Ngcingo Junior Secondary school. At Ngcingo, the team was impressed by the special care the school had taken with the whole programme.

Hannes was asked to provide HIV Awareness information at the last two schools in 20 minute sessions each and the concept of the invisible sexual networked as well as HIV Cube again proved very valuable.

Accepting Christ during Prayer

On Friday morning, 1 February, they left for an area known as Mjozi, which is close to the Mgungu area they visited in February 2012. Here they first visited the Pastor whom they met last year. This particular
pastor does not receive a lot of visitors due to the remoteness of where he stays. It was extremely wet and rains, earlier in the week as well as that morning, made the roads very muddy. Loaded with offroad technology, the Discovery showed no fear and Leon carefully steared it through the water and mud.

They had a great discussion whereby the pastor told them that while Leon and Hannes prayed for a young man in 2012, he accepted Christ during that prayer. He was very sick at that time and the pastor took
him to a clinic where he was diagnosed. This pastor took him into his house, cared for him with proper food and ensuring that he took his medication. This man was nursed back to health, due to the love and
care of the local community and pastor. This is very encouraging to the community, knowing he can work again.

First Aid Kits helps Local Chief

Life Saver Kits ( were handed to the pastor during the visit in 2012. He shared wonderfull stories. One which stood out was the local chief of the area. The chief prepared for a celebration by slaughtering two cattle. During this process, the chief cut his hand to the bone.

Knowing that the local church was equipped with resources, the pastor was requested to help. They were able to stop the bleeding, disinfect the whole area and cover the wound with bandages. Thank you again to the Life Saver Kit Project

The WheelChair

Travelling further on, they arrived at a small rural church where seven women were waiting. Before handing over the gift, Hannes was asked to
preach and he gave a message focusing on Hope. An elderly women of 80 years old, was pushed to church on a wheelbarrow by her grand daughter.

Through a wheelchair donation from the Van der Westhuizen Family, this lady now has wheels! The moment was so overwhelming that she was lost for words at first, but when they showed her that she could ride it by turning the wheels herself, she could not stop laughing and joy filled her face! The whole congregation prayed for her and we are
so glad that she now has a better quality life through this wonderfull donation!

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