Enable to Engage – Step One

Each year we ask God for a specific direction in ministry for the year to follow. Following this conference, it was clear that we could not just hear this or ignore what we have seen and not do anything (James 1:22-24)

We felt compelled and have begun to develop materials – in line with our calling from Habakuk 2 – which will enable believers to share their faith and pray for others.

We call it STEP ONE.


We are in the development phase of project and it will consist of various engaging elements which are supported by digital back-end elements. .
We will work with partner churches who will help us to mobilise and provide the resources to their congregants and fellow believers.

Mobilised believers.

As you go about your daily living and engaging with fellow South Africans or foreign nationals, you will present them with a small “business card” with a few prompting words on the front and scripture & QR code at the back.
The QR code will lead the person to the website which will contain video’s and written materials where he/she will get to know more about the basics of the Christian faith.

Prayer cards

The person handing out the first card will also have a prayer card where they can fill in the name of the recipient and then pray for that person.


We have already started filming and editing of the first video in Zulu. Elzaan is also working on the scripts for the reflection video’s of which we filmed the footage in December.

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