Outreach and Missionary support

Out outreach objective is simple:  “Be the hands and feet of Christ” in various communities doing various things.

Building Hope partners with community churches and missionaries around Southern Africa.  We also mobilise believers to experience how God can use them with what they already have and make a difference to others.

Outreaches may include:

  • Door-to-Door evangelism
  • Logistical support to missionaries
  • Training etc.

Evangelism training and Equipment

Believers are repeatedly urged to share the Gospel, but do not know how or where to begin.  Evangelism training empowers believers with biblical scripture and conversation tools, such as the EvangeCube or Wordless book or other resources, to share the Gospel.

Our aim is to:

  • Educate and empower ordinary church members with easy to use training materials and resources
  • Train outreach teams so they are prepared for various situations they might encounter
  • Prepare young people to overcome their fears and share the salvation of Christ
  • Introduce a non-confrontational conversation with conversation tools
  • etc

HIV awareness, training and equipment

The goal of  the HIV training is to truly empower people with proper knowledge and the ability to speak about HIV and their immune system, social fears, caring for themselves and their community members, adherence to treatment and prevention.

Our aim is to:

  • better attitudes and values
  • create the ability for each one to teach one
  • impart hope to those who are affected and infected
  • enable people to confidently and sensitively speak about HIV and AIDS
  • decrease stigma
  • enable people to initiate community activities that will increase health and healthy living choices.



Several leaders in especially rural communities are faced with challenges without proper support.  This support includes regular communication regarding:

  • spiritual guidance
  • emotional support
  • helping them put effective entity structures in place to manage their ministries
  • “training” on ministry matters such as good communication, leadership, decision-making etc.







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