Evangelism training and equipment


EvangeCube practise session

Training & Equipment

Building Hope provides evangelism training using the EvangeCube as a primary tool for evangelism.  We have provided cubes to several ministries, churches, outreach teams and individuals together with biblical and practical training on:

  1. how to use the cube

  2. how to start a conversation

  3. effective evangelism

Although the EvangeCube is a very effective tool for evangelism, we also use several other resources as books, tracts etc.


In your business

Often, the only place where a person hears the gospel is at their workplace. We encourage business owners to use their businesses as a platform to share the Gospel.

We have seen how people get together on a regular basis to study the Bible and pray together. We have also seen business owners using their business as a mission base from where employees are supported and encouraged to also share the Gospel in their communities or in another country.

There are several ways to share the gospel at work:

  1. First respect your workplace policy regarding faith at work
  2. Be equipped with knowledge on how to share the gospel – we can help you share the Gospel with an EvangeCube
  3. Uphold Christ’s values in your work and the relationship with your colleagues
  4. Get a group of Christians together and pray for the business – it is in everyone’s interest that the business does well.

We can train your staff in effectively sharing their testimony either at work, or especially in their social sphere where people live.

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