HIV Training, Awareness and Equipment

“Share My tangible love” was the call the Lord gave in our hearts when we first entered the world of HIV and AIDS.

When the Lord said His intention is to “give you hope and a future” (Jer 29:11), it included the ability for everyone to break down barriers of stigma and fear,  giving people a tangible dignified future.

World Aids Day 2015

World Aids Day 2015 Mononong Primary School

What we do

Building Hope Foundation engages ordinary people in sharing the basic facts on HIV and AIDS using the HIV/AIDS cube as primary tool.  This process breaks down stigma and creates natural advocates for HIV and AIDS.

We do this through:

  1. Training, research and programme development
  2. Equip and train people with the HIV iPosters (Immunity)
  3. Equip and train people with the HIV/AIDS Cube
  4. Engage in discussions with the larger body of Christ through forums and conferences.   We also engage with discussions with national and international bodies such as CABSA and the HIV initiative of Saddleback Church


We work in partnership with organisations or individuals empowering people such as:

  1. peer educators
  2. human resource practitioners or other relevant staff
  3. teachers
  4. farm workers and confidants
  5. nurses involved in HTC (HIV Testing and Counselling)
  6. home based care workers
  7. pastors etc.

Training Outcome

The training empowers people to make positive behaviour changes which subsequently  prevents or lower the transmission of HIV.

It is important for communities that life saving information is easily and accurately disseminated within communities, thus breaking down stigma and encouraging communication to better understand HIV.

Our training ensures people understand and can share the basic facts on HIV, what HIV is, how to reduce risk of becoming infected, how to prevent transmission of HIV, and how to live a normal, healthy life.



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