HIV Resources


Iposters & HIVCube

The HIV/AIDS Cube & iPosters are picture based resources that share the basic facts about HIV and Aids. 

The HIV Cube

The cube automatically unfolds to the next panel, adding continued attention to message and information on HIV and AIDS.

The HIV iPosters

The iPosters are a set of 7 picture panels explaining immunity, phases of infection, different terms such as ARV’s, CD4 etc.

We use both resources because it makes it easy to share basic information without requiring in-depth medical knowledge from both the receiver and the person sharing information – putting information within everyone’s reach.  By using these resources you will be addressing both social and medical aspects related to HIV.

Where the resources can be used

The cube is effective for use in:

  • Advocacy,
  • HIV Counseling and Testing,
  • Home Based Care and
  • Adherence monitoring (iPostes)
  • Prevention Education.  (Cube)

Who is using the resources?

Any person who shares basic information about HIV.  It is currently used by:

  • Nurses,
  • teachers,
  • trainers,
  • social and youth workers and
  • peer educators in various settings (including farms). 

Anyone who works with patients of any age / students / children / fellow workers etc. 


The cube comes standard with an English leaflet explaining each picture.  Donor funding and partnerships were instrumental in translating the cubes in 4 South African languages – Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Tswana.

The iPosters are currently only available in English.


  1. Effective learning: The audience is captivated and attentive to the message, through the unique unfolding mechanism of the cube and pictures of the resources which lead to effective learning.  People make the information their own. We found that where patients, students etc handle the resources themselves, enhanced learning also takes place.
  2. Applicable to the Deaf Community:  Because both resources do not require spoken language, it is highly effective in setting where audio is not effective.
  3. Extended and repeated use: The cube has a very long work life as it is made of very durable material. The iPosters are printed on a high-gloss cardboard.  Although it is best used in one-on-one situations, it can be used in a group of up to 12 people at a time. A gentleman from the Congo reached a whole community of over 1000 people with his cube!
  4. Literacy: It transcends language barriers. The information can be transferred without requiring literacy on the side of the audience.
  5. The resources support existing programmes.  It easily fits into peer education, HCT’s etc.
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