The EvangeCube is a 7cm cube explaining the gospel in 7 picture panels. The cube creates opportunities to share the Gospel in a personal and non-threatening way.

Sharing the Gospel

Start a Conversation

It is a great conversation tool to introduce others to Jesus Christ.  It uses Scripture and transcends language barriers. The cube is non-denominational and very easy to understand.

People are naturally interested in the unfolding mechanism, opening a door for you to share the gospel.


The cube comes standard with an English leaflet explaining each picture.  Donor funding and partnerships were instrumental in translating the cubes in 5 South African languages.   These translations now enable local believers to understand the content better.  It is used in Building Hope Projects with cubes:

  • isiZulu
  • Setswana
  • Xhosa
  • seSotho
  • Afrikaans

How cubes are used

The cubes are used in many ways.

  1. Simple evangelism.  We have used the cube to share Jesus with people through outreaches, on street, schools etc. We encourage people to avail it in their workplace or home – others will ask questions which opens the door.
  2. Counselling  The cube can be used in one-on-one counselling such as “panel 1 – on which foundation is your marriage built: your own or God’s foundation?”
  3. Teaching – 7 stories.  Over a period of 7 days / 7 weeks, the Gospel can be explained in-depth.  This period can be followed by a practical outreach or other related activity


“They were mesmerized by the unfolding (literally) story and how the blocks open up into each other.  After one of the kids took it, I could hear him explaining the story to himself”. An OM Team Member, Soccer 2010


I went through the evangecube with children aged11-16.  In the end I made an altar call for them to receive Christ and at the end of the prayer, one child said, “I just saw Jesus!”  I asked, “Where?”  He said, “In my mind.”   I am sure it will stay with him for the rest of his life. Sello Mmane, Trailer-Ministry 2010


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